Laboratory of Bioinformatics and (Eco)-Systems Biology

The functioning of the human body constitutes a complex interplay of human processes and “services” rendered to us by the 1,000 trillion microbial cells we carry. Disruption of our microbiota is linked to inflammatory and neurological disease as well as cancer. Our lab studies the variation of the human microbiome in health and disease and strategies for its modulation.

Jeroen Raes

Deputy Science Director
VIB Group leader since September 2009
Full Professor at KU Leuven since 2013
Vice director, Inter-universitary Institute for Bioinformatics Brussels (IB)2, since 2013
Scientist at EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany, 2007-2009
Postdoc: EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany, 2005-2007
Postdoc: Dept of Plant Systems Biology, VIB, Ghent, Belgium, 2003-2005

Research areas

Microbiology Computational biology

Research focus

The Raes Lab combines large-scale sequencing, cohort studies, microbiology and synthetic ecology with computational approaches to investigate the functioning and variability of the human microbiome and study its alteration and modulation in disease. Recent technological advances such as metagenomics and next-generation sequencing make it possible, for the first time, to study the various microbiota of the human body at a previously unseen scale. These advances have allowed the initiation of the International Human Microbiome Project, aiming at genomically characterizing the totality of human-associated micro-organisms (the “microbiome”).

Studying the complexity of the human ecosystem at this resolution allowed the birth of a new, exciting subfield in computational biology which will eventually allow classical, cellular-level systems biology to progress towards modeling entire communities (“ecosystems biology”) and untangling interspecies networks of competition, collaboration and communication at the molecular level.


Research topics


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