Industrial Yeast Production & Analysis

Developing new beers? Refining a portfolio? We can help you refine your market, quickly produce prototype beers for evaluation, and design and develop the process needed to produce your new beer, including selecting a suitable yeast strain. The laboratory collaborates with companies and institutes interested in our expertise in yeast, fermentation, flavor, natural aroma's, flocculation, and cellular research.  Collaborations and contracts vary from very limited (e.g. purchase of particular yeast strains from our collection of more than 10,000 different yeasts) to large-scale contract research collaborations.

We offer:

  • A collection of over 10,000 different yeast strains, including hundreds of industrial yeasts suitable for beer production (ale and lager), winemaking, ethanol production, and food fermentation.  Each of these strains is carefully characterized in our laboratory, enabling us to select yeasts with specific characteristics (aroma production, fermentation efficiency, flocculation...). 
  • Chemical and sensory analysis of fermentation products, including precise ethanol content (to 0,001 %), pH, concentration of many important flavor compounds using headspace GC and SPME-GC, sugar profiling (dionex), microbiological profiling (presence of yeasts, molds, and bacteria), and sensory analysis by a trained panel.
  • Expertise in analyzing and optimizing industrial yeasts using either natural techniques (isolation, selection, breeding, genome shuffling, crossing, directed evolution...) or genetic modification.  We can optimize almost any selectable/measurable characteristic of a given yeast strain, including aroma formation, flocculation, and sugar utilization.
  • Expertise in genotyping and characterizing yeasts, including DNA fingerprinting and whole-genome sequencing.
  • State-of-the-art research equipment, enabling us to tackle complex questions using the best approaches, including a 4-laser BD Influx Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS), live-cell imaging, ascus dissection, directed evolution in chemostats, turbidostats, batch or fed-batch fermenters, genetic engineering, and biochemical analyses.
  • A pilot brewery for brewing trials from 50 to 500 L. The brewhouse consists of 5 hl 3-vessel brewhouse. The fermentation cellar consists of 2x 5 hl and 14x 50 l cylindroconical fermenters with individual cooling till -10°C. We can deliver the finished beer in kegs or bottles. 

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